Bella Electric Kettle In-Depth Review

Bella Electric Kettle In-Depth Review

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When you're having guests over, and they request some tea, the electric kettle you use matters. Standard model electric kettles usually contain chemicals and have a bulky metal shape to them. These aren't the type of kettles that you would want to use while you host.

Other than not being visually appealing, standard electric kettles are typically made with metals and plastics that interfere with the boiling process. In fact, some of the plastic found in basic electric kettles pollute the water you’re trying to boil.

You don't want to give your guests a cup of tea with a slight taste of plastic, so you should consider buying an electric kettle that's perfect for entertaining guests. Bella manufacturers electric kettles that are 100% safe to use and incredibly visually appealing.

Below is a detailed review of Bella Electric Kettle.

Bella Electric Kettle

For those who want an electric kettle that can sustain everyday use as well as be presentable in front of guests should consider buying Bella Electric Kettle. With so many plain electric kettles out there, Bella Electric Kettle will give your kitchen a pop of color.

Bella Electric Kettle In-Depth Review

Bella is a kitchen appliance manufacturer that values exterior design as much as interior design. This means Bella applies the same effort developing both the interior and exterior features of its electric kettle.

When you first look at Bella Electric Kettle, you’ll immediately notice the spanish tile design surrounding its exterior body. Bella also made its electric kettle look like a teapot, which isn’t the usual electric kettle design.

Keep in mind that you can use this electric kettle for more than just hosting purposes. In fact, Bella Electric Kettle's sturdy interior design makes it suitable for everyday use. You can use Bella Electric Kettle to boil water for coffee, tea, instant soups, oatmeal and more.


  • Power cord
  • Full ceramic body
  • ​Detachable base
  • ​Holds 1.2 Liters
  • ​Long neck spout
  • ​1200 Watts
  • Auto Shut-off
  • Dry boil protection
  • BPA-free
  • Limited two-year warranty
Bella Electric Kettle In-Depth Review

Who Is Bella?

Bella was founded to create kitchen supplies that women would prefer. The company makes products that serve to be quick and convenient kitchen solutions that simplify a woman's hectic life.

A single woman or a mother of five will find that Bella is the answer to creating a stylish kitchen full of durable appliances. Bella’s mission is to make every woman’s dream kitchen a reality, so you can look forward to cooking rather than dread it.

Bella doesn't only equip your kitchen with all the necessary devices but also provides tips, product videos, and recipes. All these additional features are accessible through social media.

What’s The Design?

Bella Electric Kettle will serve to be your kitchen’s countertop jewel that will have guests complimenting your taste nonstop. Bella Electric Kettle’s unique exterior and interior design separates it from your generic stainless metal electric kettle.

Ceramic Body

Bella Electric Kettle’s body is entirely made of ceramic, which isn’t the typical material used for electric kettles. Ceramic proves to be a better material to boil water with than metal, and it gives the electric kettle a timeless yet high-end look.

The ceramic makes Bella Electric Kettle extremely lightweight, so it's easy to carry around your house. You can entertain guests without having to struggle to carry the kettle to them. In fact, you can effortlessly pour the boiled water without spilling a drop.

Bella Electric Kettle In-Depth Review

Since the ceramic electric kettle is chemically inert, no other chemicals get introduced into the water. Even at high temperatures, ceramic doesn't pollute the boiling water, so its taste stays pure. Also, having no chemicals present in your water makes it a lot healthier to drink.

If you manage not to crack or break Bella Electric Kettle, bacteria and other germs won’t have a place to cultivate and negatively affect the water. In fact, ceramic itself doesn’t promote a damp environment, so breaking the kettle is the only way you can ruin its effectiveness.

Insider Thoughts

Buyers love Bella Electric Kettle's thoughtful and stylish design since it's suitable for both tea and coffee fanatics. In fact, those who love to make gourmet tea and coffee will greatly appreciate Bella Electric Kettle's long neck spout.

The long neck spout design makes the electric kettle ideal for when you need to control the speed at which you pour the boiled water. Basic electric kettles lack a long neck spout, so it's difficult to make an excellent cup of tea.

It's also easy to over pour boiled water with an electric kettle that doesn't have a long neck spout. Bella Electric Kettle eliminated the chance of you ever over pouring boiled water since you can expertly control the speed in which you pour due to the long neck spout design.



  • Uses 80% less energy than stovetop kettles
  • Photogenic product
  • ​Automatically shuts off
  • Water stays warm for an hour after shutting it off
  • No plastic
  • Can’t control the temperature
  • Breakable

Buyer Advice

Based on positive buyer reviews, Bella Electric Kettle is both versatile and stylish, which makes it the perfect kitchen appliance. This is one of the more affordable electric kettles since high-end quality kettles typically cost at least $100.

Buyers who weren’t careful handling Bella Electric Kettle did end up breaking it. Make sure to handle the kettle with care while using it.

If you do happen to break Bella Electric Kettle’s ceramic lid, Bella does sell replacement parts. Keep in mind that if you break the kettle’s ceramic body, you’ll need to buy an entirely new Bella Electric Kettle.

Where Can I Buy?

Amazon is the ideal online retailer to order Bella Electric Kettle. Compared to other sellers, Amazon offers the most color options in regards to Bella Electric Kettle, and it offers yearly protection plans at a low cost.

Bella Electric Kettle In-Depth Review

For under $50, you could be using Bella Electric Kettle to safely and stylishly boil water.

My Verdict

This is the perfect electric kettle if you are sick and tired of your metal one and want to try something new. Bella Electric Kettle is the prime ceramic electric kettle available on the market, and you’ll notice the taste difference of the boiled water after just one use.

I would recommend buying Bella Electric Kettle to liven your countertop and to boil your water safely.

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