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Electric Tea Kettle

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Tea is one of the most delicious ways to revitalize yourself. Compared to coffee, tea is markedly less bitter and provides quite a bit more variety regarding flavors. If you would like to vary up the ways that you caffeinate yourself, you will find that switching from coffee to tea can be a great way to experience different flavors.

Unfortunately, if you are switching from coffee to tea, you will not be able to make tea in your coffee maker, so you will have to invest in a tea kettle. Regardless of whether you are a veteran tea drinker or you are a converted coffee drinker, this article will try and provide some of the best electric tea kettles available.

Before we get into our list in which we try to find the best electric tea kettle for tea, we will go over some of the reasons why it is important to find a good, reliable tea kettle. After that, we will go over some of the more crucial characteristics to search for in the best buy electric tea kettle.

Electric Tea Kettle

Once we have provided a bit of background to what goes into making the best-rated tea kettle, we will attempt to answer the question of what is the best electric tea kettle to buy. If you are already familiar with electric tea kettles and you would like to get right down to the reviews, feel free to skip to them.

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Best Electric Tea Kettle For The Money

Best Programmable Electric Tea Kettle

Best Ceramic Electric Tea Kettle

Best Glass Electric Tea Kettle

Best Stainless Steel Electric Tea Kettle

Why You Should Choose Your Electric Tea Kettle Carefully

There are many reasons why you should take care when choosing your electric tea kettle. When searching for the best electric tea kettle, there are many characteristics to take into consideration, so it may get somewhat overwhelming.

As with any other product which is related to food and drink, you must ensure that you purchase the highest quality product. You do not want to risk getting sick or sustain an injury due to buying a product which is subpar.

Similar to other cookware and kitchen supplies, a poorly built product can be a breeding ground for mold and other unwanted substances. Nobody wants to drink tea made in a moldy tea kettle, so take care to invest in a high-quality product, so you do not have to deal with the chance of a malfunction or poor design choice rendering you sick.

Tea Kettles Design

Beyond the chance of sickness from a subpar product, you also deal with the risk of buyer's remorse when you purchase an electric kettle which is not up to standard. You will then have to go through the entire process of sending back your product and finding another one.

In an even worse scenario, you may end up stuck with your product because it ceased working after the return limit. This means that you will have wasted your money on an ineffective product. You will then have to end up spending money on a higher quality product anyway.

As with any other product, make sure that you only have to spend money on one good product that will last you a good deal of time. Treat your purchase as if you are making an investment in the future. The best electric tea kettle will pay itself off in the number of cups of tea that you will make at home as opposed to buying them on the way to work.

On What To Pay Attention

There are many matters to consider when you are purchasing your new tea kettle. We will try and list some of the more common characteristics that will be of importance to the average consumer. While every consumer has different needs, the characteristics we will examine will typically be useful regardless of individual needs.

A lot of tea kettles

In addition to essential characteristics and features, we will explain some of the differences between different design choices in the best cheap electric tea kettles. These design choices can vary, but they are typical aspects such as choice of material, heating options, etc.


There are many materials to choose from when deciding on the best electric tea kettle. Beyond simple looks, there are many reasons why certain materials are preferable to others. We will cover these reasons in our overview of materials.

  • Glass: Glass is one of the more traditional materials that are used in the construction of tea kettles. The reason for glass's popularity is that it is an attractive material. Glass tea kettles allow you to see the brewing process taking place, something which is impossible with metal or ceramic kettles. Unfortunately, glass suffers from a lack of durability when compared to other materials.
  • Stainless steel: This is one of the more common materials used in the construction of tea kettles. The reason for stainless steel being so common is that it is both affordable and durable. Stainless steel is also resistant to corrosion, so you will never have any issues with your tea kettle succumbing to rust. Another advantage to stainless steel is that it is rather good looking.
  • Copper: Copper is another excellent material to make an electric tea kettle out of. Copper has some of the best thermal conductivity out of any material, so it will maintain its heat even after the heating element has turned off. Beyond that, the shiny luster of copper kettles makes them one of the more attractive options you can choose.
  • Aluminum: This is a great choice if you would like a pot with the same amount of conductivity as copper and is also as lightweight. Aluminum tea kettles can often be expensive when compared to other models, but they tend to feature the perfect trifecta of strength, light weight, and excellent heat conductivity. We would argue that this is the best all around the material if you don't mind the price.


One of the crucial aspects of your tea kettle is its maximum capacity. This directly affects the amount of tea that you will be able to make in your kettle, so your preferred capacity will greatly vary depending on your needs.

Large Electric Tea Kettle

For example, if your entire family drinks tea and you find that you often have to make two batches of tea, you will greatly benefit from choosing the best budget electric tea kettle regarding volume. Capacity will usually have a large bearing on the price of your kettle due to the larger amount of material that will be used in its construction.

Boiling Time

This is another fundamental characteristic to consider. If you are not a fan of waiting around for your tea to be ready, you will want to opt for a kettle with a faster boiling time than the competition.

Boiling Water in Tea Kettle

Boiling time will typically increase along with the price of your kettle, so you may have to revise your budget upwards if you would like a faster kettle.

Keep-Warm Option

One of the most helpful inclusions in the best electric tea kettle with temperature control is the addition of a keep-warm option. This is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of shutting off all heating when your water has reached the boiling point, it will keep it warm.

This function allows you to leave your tea kettle unattended without having to worry about it going cold. This is an excellent choice if you are busy and you cannot spare enough time to keep a constant eye on your tea.

Auto Shutoff Option

Another very helpful quality of life feature that can be included with the best electric tea kettle is an auto power down feature. This allows you to leave your tea kettle unattended without having to worry about any hazards when it has finished boiling your water.

Automatic Shutoff of a tea kettle

This is very useful if you are often busy or if you have children or pets in the house and the hot tea kettle can pose a risk.

Programmable Options

Programmable options allow you to choose different settings depending on the type of tea you would like to make, or a whole host of other settings.

Programable Options on a Tea Kettle

This is a significant feature if you find yourself making different types of tea that are sensitive to differences in temperature or steeping time. These tea kettles are usually best for the most serious of tea lovers.

Our Recommendations

Best Electric Tea Kettle For The Money - KitchenAid KEK1522CA Kettle


  • Features a maximum capacity of 1.5 liters
  • Features a dual wall body for improved insulation
  • Features a soft grip handle for improved ergonomics
  • Features a simple push button to open the lid
  • Features a sliding temperature control
  • Features a temperature dial
  • Features a five-year limited warranty
Best Electric Tea Kettle For The Money - KitchenAid KEK1522CA Kettle


If you are looking for the best red electric tea kettle available on the market, this product from KitchenAid is very impressive. As with all other KitchenAid products, you will pay a high price, but the product itself will be of exceptional quality. We never once had an issue with this kettle during the entirety of our review process.

Beyond simple reliability, there are many aspects that you will love about this electric tea kettle. The most evident thing about this tea kettle when you first see it is that it is one of the most aesthetically pleasing models of a tea kettle that you will lay eyes on. The combination of the candy red paint and retro styling make it fit with almost any kitchen decor.

Best Electric Tea Kettle For The Money - KitchenAid KEK1522CA Kettle

Beyond the aesthetics, the temperature control slider feels smooth and reassuringly durable, and it allows you to choose a good variety of temperatures from 50 to 100 degrees Celsius. This precise temperature control allows you to steep many different kinds of tea at the ideal temperature, resulting in a far better result for specific teas.

The temperature dial on the side of this kettle allows you to easily keep track of how hot your kettle is so you can adjust the temperature accordingly. However, one of our favorite aspects of this kettle is the double walled design which ensures that the heat remains sufficiently insulated, making the exterior of this kettle acceptably cool while the heat remains inside.

Best Programmable Electric Tea Kettle - Cuisinart CPK-17AMZ Kettle


  • Features 1500 watts of heating power
  • Features a 1.7-liter volume for improved capacity
  • ​Features a blue LED indicator light
  • Features 6 temperature presets for specific tea types
  • ​Features a 30 minute keep warm functionality
  • Features a 360-degree swiveling base
  • Features an auto safety shutoff
Best Programmable Electric Tea Kettle - Cuisinart CPK-17AMZ Kettle


If you would like an automated tea kettle that features a large amount of technological functionality, this model from Cuisinart is one of the best options available on the market. Even the look of this electric tea kettle screams futuristic. However, the looks are one of the less crucial factors to why this is one of the best electric tea kettles you can find.

The advanced aspects of this tea kettle include some quality of life features that will simply make it more enjoyable to boil your tea. For example, you have a choice of six temperature presets that are labeled according to tea type. These options are delicate, green, white, oolong, French Press, and black.

Best Programmable Electric Tea Kettle - Cuisinart CPK-17AMZ Kettle

As you can see, this tea kettle is both versatile and highly advanced. It also features additions for safety such as an auto shutoff safeguard. This will stop your kettle from boiling to the point that it is dry. This protects your home from a fire hazard, but it also ensures that your tea kettle does not damage itself.

The inclusion of a thirty minute keeps warm option an excellent choice for those of us who tend to make our tea while we are busy. The 1.7-liter capacity is nothing stunning, while relatively standard for electric tea kettles, this will not be sufficient if you are searching for an extra large electric tea kettle. This model is the best choice for customers who want a high-tech tea kettle.

Best Ceramic Electric Tea Kettle - Bella 1.2 Liter Electric Ceramic Tea Kettle


  • Features a 1200 watt heating element
  • Features both auto shutoff and boil dry protection
  • ​Features a blue LED for power on indication
  • Features a long spout so you can pour easily
  • Features a detachable base
  • Features a maximum capacity of 1.2 liters
Bella 1.2 Liter Electric Ceramic Tea Kettle


If you are looking for a tea kettle which combines classic styling with modern sensibilities, you will love this model from Bella. This 1.2-liter kettle manages to fuse new technologies with a ceramic body. This allows you to enjoy all of the conductive benefits of ceramic combined with the convenience of features that are unavailable on traditional kettles.

The 1200 watt heating element that is used in this model of kettle ensures that your water will boil quickly and efficiently. While on the subject of heating, this model also features a few safeguards to stop you from damaging your kettle or possibly suffering an injury in the form of both boil dry protection and an auto shutoff.

Bella 1.2 Liter Electric Ceramic Tea Kettle

The inclusion of a blue LED, something which you would never see on a traditional ceramic kettle, gives you a quick and easy way of knowing whether or not your kettle is on. The detachable base features a groove so you may store away the cord when this product is not in use, substantially reducing the amount of clutter in your cabinets.

One of our favorite features of this product is the old fashioned, gooseneck style spout. This allows you to pour your tea much more carefully. This feature prevents overspilling and gives you much more finesse and control over your pour. All in all, this product is an excellent choice for customers who would like a mix of new and old.

Best Glass Electric Tea Kettle - Breville BKE830XL IQ Kettle


  • Made of Schott glass which is hardened and resilient
  • Features a slow-opening lid
  • ​Features an ergonomic handle
  • ​Features a well-positioned lid release button
  • Features a cordless kettle
  • Features a 360-degree base
  • Features auto shutoff and boil dry protection
Brevile Review


This is one of the more aesthetically pleasing models of a tea kettle that you will find in this review guide. The Schott glass body makes for one of the most attractive electric tea kettles you can find. While some customers may be skeptical about the durability of a glass kettle when compared to other materials, you will see that this kettle is quite reliable.

The Schott glass used to make this kettle is specially tempered so that it is resistant to temperature shock. This means that sudden temperature shifts will have a much lower chance of causing this kettle to crack, like other kinds of glass. Of course, Schott glass is far more expensive than normal glass, so it is one of the reasons for this model's higher price.

Breville BKE830XL IQ Kettle Review

The inclusion of extra safety features such as an auto shutoff and boil dry prevention is always a nice touch, especially for pricier kettles that it would be a shame to damage. This model of kettle also features a 20 minute keep warm functionality for tea drinkers who prefer to do something else while their water boils.

The seven cup volume of this electric tea kettle makes it suitably large for a decent number of cups of tea. There are also five smart settings that you can use on this kettle to set the temperature to the ideal point for certain types of tea. This is one of the best tea kettles you will find made of glass due to the inclusion of smart settings and Schott glass.

Best Stainless Steel Electric Tea Kettle - Hamilton Beach 40870 Electric Kettle


  • Features an auto shutoff with boil over protection
  • Features a window for water measuring
  • ​Features a 1500 watt element for faster heating
  • Features a drip free spout
  • Features a 360-degree base
  • Features a cool stay handle
Hamilton Beach Electric kettle Review


If you are searching for an affordable electric tea kettle which is still reliable enough to last you a decent amount of time, you will find that this product from Hamilton Beach is a perfect choice. While it may not have all of the extra amenities of more expensive models, it does provide a cheaper alternative which still has some good qualities.

While this model does cut out some of the more flashy extra features, it does not sacrifice any form of safety feature, as it still includes an auto shutdown and boils dry prevention. Though it is becoming the norm for both of these features to be included on most tea kettles, they are still not present on every model.

Hamilton Beach Electric kettle Review

The inclusion of a drip free spout makes it easier to pour without having to wipe down your counter or having to risk getting burnt by boiling droplets. This model of the kettle is also rather lightweight, even when it is filled up with water, so you do not have to worry about your hand getting tired if you have to serve several cups of tea.

The inclusion of a 1500 watt heating element also ensures that this model is effective, even without being overly flashy. Unlike other models of an inexpensive electric tea kettle, it seems that Hamilton Beach knows exactly how to make the most out of their limited development budget.

This product is an excellent choice if all you would like is a reliable tea kettle without too many additional features that will inflate the price. It manages to remain affordable without being cheaply built, which is a lesson that many manufacturers could learn from Hamilton Beach.


As you can see, finding the right electric tea kettle for your money is not as hard as it would appear at first. While there are certainly many aspects to consider, the right knowledge can help you greatly.

We hope that this review guide has helped you find the best model for your needs. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

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