Best High End Kettles

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For some, a kettle is nothing more than a plastic or metal container to boil water in. While others see a kettle as an expression of their sensibilities, a way to enhance their decor. Also, a lot of people prefer to buy one kettle that will last them a lifetime rather than replace it every few years.

On this list, we’ve compiled some of the best-looking and highest-quality kettles on the market. Any of these could be the kettle for you; assess their individual characteristics to find the perfect choice.

Best High End Kettles Reviews

Circulon 1.5-Quart Sunrise Teakettle

Circulon is a line of cookware from the Meyer Corporation, the world’s second-largest cookware distributor. This kettle has a modern, functional design. Its smooth enameled surface is bound to catch the eye and it comes in a variety of colors.

This is the perfect kettle for a minimalist kitchen looking for that little dash of color to bring the room together. The outside surface is scratch-resistant and it cleans very easily, while the interior is polished steel.

One of the most salient features is a squeeze-and-pour lever built into the handle, it makes handling and pouring quick and easy. The simple design doesn’t make much of a statement but overall, this is a great kettle that will last forever if cared for properly.


· Durable enameled surface resists wear and tear

· Simple, timeless design

· Squeeze-and-pour lever built into the handle


The design doesn’t stand out; too minimal for some

OXO BREW Classic Tea Kettle

OXO is the award-winning kitchenware manufacturer that created the Good Grips line of utensils and kitchen devices. Their devotion to creating user-friendly products precedes them and is readily apparent in this kettle.

The kettle is made of brushed stainless steel with a plastic sleeve on the handle and silicone touch points on the spout. The handle rotates for easy access to the lid and the opening is very large which allows easy cleaning of the inside even with a conventionally-sized brush. The warning whistle is quite loud so there’s no chance of forgetting it on the stove.

It has a unique shape that will stand out in most kitchens and the brushed steel surface will fit into any style and decor. There’s very little to complain about with the OXO BREW but it’s a little disappointing that it isn’t compatible with induction stovetops.


· Ergonomic handle that rotates to access opening

· Large opening and lid make filling and cleaning easy

· Brushed steel surface fits well into any decor


Not induction compatible

Café Brew Collection WK112

As far as glass kettles go, the Café Brew kettle is one of the best. If you’ve been hesitant to try out a glass kettle, don’t be. This kettle performs as well or better as steel and copper kettles that are well above its price range.

The kettle’s design is all sleek lines and efficient contours. It’s convenient and easy to handle. The handle curves to be perpendicular to the kettle, making it easy to hold steadily and firmly. It’s made of borosilicate glass with plastic handle and lid. The lid has an easy-open press mechanism which makes filling it a cinch.

The whistle on this kettle is actually on the lid rather than on the spout which is an interesting departure. In terms of high-end kettles, this one won’t actually set you back all that much. Sadly, it’s not compatible with electric ranges that have coils, but it includes a heat-diffusing trivet that makes it possible to use one.


· The glass surface is resistant to staining and scale buildup

· Unique whistle design in the lid

· Easy-to-use pour mechanism


Not directly compatible with electric coils or induction ranges

Zeppoli Electric Kettle

This is easily one of the most unique-looking kettles on the list. It’s an electric kettle, which makes it much more convenient than stovetop models, but unlike most electric kettles, it has a glass construction. The design makes it as much a conversation piece as a kitchen appliance and it can find a home in any modern kitchen.

The kettle itself is cordless and attaches to a swivel base. It can be turned 360-degrees and has an automatic shut-off mechanism. The base detects when water reaches a boil and switches the kettle over to the keep-warm mode.

Overall, this is one of the most desirable high-end electric kettles and there’s very little — if anything — about it that people dislike.


· The cordless electric design makes it convenient to use

· Boils water in as little as five minutes

· The thermostat controls water temperature so you don’t have to worry about it


The metal surfaces are prone to rust stains if neglected

Fino 6576 Pour Over Coffee Kettle

No kettle list would be complete without a gooseneck kettle. This design has seen a resurgence in recent years due to the rising popularity of pour-over coffee. Its long neck is perfect for maintaining an even flow of water for pouring over coffee grounds.

Of course, it’s also convenient for a controlled pour in general and many people prefer this type of neck over a conventional spout.

It comes in four and a half and six-cup sizes with a slight variation to the design. The handle is angled to avoid coming into contact with the kettle when pouring and has an ergonomic design. It has a traditional elegant design and a polished steel finish. A welcome addition to any home barista’s collection.

The one drawback seems to be that the kettle is prone to dings and pitting if it’s dropped or knocked around accidentally.


· Gooseneck is ideal for pour-overs

· Elegant and understated design looks great anywhere

· Quality Japanese craftsmanship


· The construction is a little delicate, prone to pitting

· No whistle

The Final Word

One of these kettles is sure to be perfect for your kitchen. Whether you’re looking for a modern design or a more traditional approach. Stainless steel or glass, the kettle for you is right here.

If you’re dead set on getting an electric kettle, the Zeppoli is a great option with a reasonable price tag. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for something to make pour-over coffee and tea, Fino’s gooseneck kettle is your ideal mate. Happy brewing!

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