Best Tea Kettle That Doesn’t Rust

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Whether you want to save on electricity, or ensure that the water you’re boiling for your tea is completely germ-free, a good stove top kettle is a must. Considering that they’re all made of metal, you also need to be sure that you’re not going to be confronted with the worst-case scenario – a rusty kettle. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best rustproof kettles on the market, so you can keep enjoying your hot drinks for a long time to come.

Rustproof Tea Kettle Reviews

Pykal Tea Kettle

With interesting looks and an extra thick body, this whistling kettle from Pykal is specially designed to be pourable moments after you turn off the heat. It’s one of the pricier options on our list, but it’s a top seller for a reason.


Made from extra thick surgical grade stainless steel, this kettle is built to last (and if it doesn’t, it’s also covered by a 1-year warranty). The base is made from five layers of metal, with stainless steel on the outermost and innermost layer to prevent rust, aluminum inside to improve both heating and heat retention, and an iron core to improve heating performance on induction stoves.

It has a pretty generous 3-quart capacity, meaning you can pour enough for you and your family in one go. The specially designed I-Cool handle is made using Thermal Protection technology, making it usable seconds after it’s taken off the heat, and it has an easy to use push button that means you don’t have to worry about burning your fingers on hot metal.

It also comes with 2 infusers, as well as being packaged in a gift box, making it a great choice for a present.

It’s rather heavy though, so it’s not ideal for travelling with. Some purchasers have reported occasional issues with build quality, but these issues seem to be pretty rare, and thanks to the warranty, if you have any problems it can be easily replaced.


· Highly durable five-layer design.

· I-Cool handle means you can pour soon after it boils

· Generous three-quart capacity

· Ergonomic push button for pouring

· Comes with two free infusers and a gift box

· BPA and lead free


· Quite heavy

· Occasional build quality issues

· Somewhat slow to boil

Willow & Everett Tea Kettle

Sturdy and a treat to behold, this shiny rustproof kettle is another solid contender. Ergonomically designed, it’s easy to use, and quick to boil, making it a long-lasting and good-looking option for any kitchen.


With its impressive mirror finish, you won’t want to hide this whistling kettle away when you’re not using it. It’s also made using five metal layers, and is durable enough that you don’t have to worry about dents and scratches.

It’s quick to boil, taking just two and a half minutes, and once it’s up to heat it’s easy to pour thanks to the ergonomically placed, spring-loaded spout lever. The handle itself is made from soft, non-slip silicone, so this is an especially good choice for older tea lovers.

It has a well-sized 2.75-quart capacity, and it comes with a stainless steel tea strainer — great, if you prefer loose leaves over tea bags.

It’s another heavy one, though, and it can also be a bit tricky to clean properly due to the bulging design of the kettle’s base. It also needs some time to cool down, as the handle can be quite hot after it’s been on the stove.


· Looks great with a shiny mirror finish

· 5-ply metal design for durability and improved heat retention

· Comfortable, non-slip handle

· Fast to boil

· Comes with a free stainless steel tea strainer

· BPA- and Teflon-free


· Pretty heavy

· Handle takes time to cool down

· Tricky to clean inside

Mr. Coffee Tea Kettle

Coming in two attractive colors, and costing less than the other entries on our list, this is a good-looking whistling kettle that will bring an extra splash of life to your kitchen’s décor.


Don’t let the name fool you. Mr. Coffee can make a good tea kettle too. Available in both green and red, and with a subtly twisting design, this kettle will surely stand out on the stove top.

It’s made with a stainless steel base, with painted aluminum sides, which combines durability with decent heat retention. It feels sturdy while still being relatively lightweight, and is quick to come to the boil, so you won’t have to wait long for a lovely cup of tea.

The capacity is smaller than the others on our list at 2.3 quarts. The manufacturers recommend that you hand wash it only, to help preserve the colorful finish on the outside.


· Attractive colors and interesting design

· Quick to boil

· Lightweight but sturdy


· Spout cover is made of metal

· Painted sides can peel if not handwashed

AMFOCUS Tea Kettle

This chunky kettle has the largest capacity on our list, and its classic looks will ensure it never goes out of style. And thanks to its impressive warranty and heavy-duty design, it will last you a good long time. A medium price doesn’t always mean medium performance.


This kettle’s biggest selling point is its impressive 3.9-quart capacity, along with its sturdy and simple aesthetic. It’s also very easy to use, thanks to its ergonomically designed handle and large water inlet. Plus, if you don’t want to worry about pressing buttons or pulling levers, then this kettle could be for you, as the spout cover is lifted by the momentum of your pour.

The kettle itself is made from food grade stainless steel, so rust shouldn’t ever be a problem, while the base is made with a wavy design out of a composite of steel, nickel, aluminum, and chrome, to provide the maximum surface area in contact with the stove top.

it’s covered by a lengthy 2-year warranty, so you know the manufacturers stand behind their product. It’s also not to heavy, despite its impressive capacity. Though that size can make it somewhat unwieldy, especially if you’re just making a cup of tea for yourself.


· Large 3.9-quart capacity

· Ergonomic handle

· Large surface area for heating

· 2-year warranty


· Less impressive looks than some of the other kettles

· Large size isn’t very portable

Bellemain Tea Kettle

Stylish, sturdy, and dishwasher safe, this mirror-finish whistling kettle will come to the boil quickly and look good in the process.


This kettle has a wide base, made from aluminum layered over iron, which creates a large area in contact with the heat and so a quick boil. The body is rugged, made from stainless steel, and has an attractive mirror finish, which looks good enough to leave out even when it’s not in use.

It’s easy to clean, thanks to being dishwasher safe. And, speaking of safety, it has a well-designed handle and spout arrangement that ensures that your hands won’t get scalded by steam when you pour. The handle will also stay cool enough to touch, thanks to its riveted design.

The capacity is decent, at 2.75 quarts, and all in all this is a good-looking, solid performing kettle for the price.


· Stylish looks

· Robust design

· Quick to boil

· Dishwasher safe

· Decent capacity



Final Verdict

All of these kettles look great in your kitchen, though Pykal’s kettle is our favorite thanks to its combination of an extra durable five-layered base, classy looks, generous capacity, and added extras like the strainers and the year-long warranty. That said, if you want to make tea for a number of people, you might want to go even bigger with the AMFOCUS kettle.

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