Make The Best Possible Tea With A Electric Tea Kettle

Make The Best Possible Tea With an Electric Tea Kettle

For most of us, the day doesn’t begin until the first cup of coffee or tea is made. That’s why a good tea kettle is an essential part of morning routines.

Mornings are rough and often include a race against time. We all need that quick extra boost before work or school, so having a quick medium to make our favorite drinks with is important!

What Is It & How Does It Work?

An electric tea kettle is a tea kettle that heats water using electricity. This water can be used for drinking or cooking.

The way that an electric tea kettle heats up is simple. At the base of an electric kettle’s innards is a coil of metal that works as the heating element. When plugged in or put into its base, electricity moves into the metal. The energy is then turned into the heat that will boil your water.

There are two predominant types of electric tea kettles. One has a cord, and the other is cordless.

The Cord

This is the most traditional type of electric tea kettle. It has a direct cord that extends to plug into an outlet. This is how the tea kettle sources its electricity. Once it is plugged in, electricity flows through the cord and into the heating element, beginning the process. Despite being the “older” model of the two, it is still pretty convenient.

Tea Kettle with Cord

The Cordless

This is an innovation based off the original electric tea kettle. Instead of the kettle plugging directly into the power source, it gets its power from a base instead. The base needs to be plugged into a main electrical power source, which turns it into a smaller power source for the kettle.

Similar to the corded electric tea kettle, the non-corded one gets its electricity through being placed on the base. Once it is placed on its base, the energy flows into the bottom of the kettle, creating heat.

Cordless Tea Kettle  With Tea and Cookies

Some would consider this sort of electric tea kettle to be more convenient because it is more mobile. Since it isn't directly plugged into a source, it can be moved around and conveniently carried. It is also less likely to be tripped over or tugged at and spilled. However, if the kettle is made out of plastic, it should be immediately removed from its base when done heating, so that it doesn't get damaged.

Cordless electric tea kettles also look remarkably contemporary. Without all of the wiring, they fit in well with furniture and other home ware.

Does Size Really Matter?

Kettles usually hold two to four liters of liquid. There are a few sizing options when it comes to picking your electric tea kettle. The first is large, the second is small, and the last is mini.

A large electric tea kettle is obviously larger, and thus, holds more water. This type of tea kettle is incredibly suitable for couples, families, and people making larger meals or more than one cup of their favorite drink in the morning.

Since the large electric tea kettle does take up more space, it will be more noticeable on your countertop. However, since most electric tea kettles are quite stylish, that shouldn’t be a problem!

Electric Kettle

A small electric tea kettle is ideal for someone who is making a cup of coffee or tea for themselves only. It is compact and holds enough water to make a nice hot beverage, a bowl of soup, or a small meal. This tea kettle is super ideal for college students as well, since it is lightweight, easy to handle, and just enough for one person’s needs.

A mini electric tea kettle is just what it sounds like—a super cute tiny version of what you think a regular tea kettle looks like. This electric tea kettle can make a small cup of coffee of tea and is ideal for people who only use their kettles to make warm drinks. It is also super ideal for those who travel since it is lightweight and can easily fit into any bag.

This is also perfect for a college student.

You Can Program Your Own Personal Kettle?

Yes, yes you can. Bet you didn’t see that one coming!

If you’ve ever found yourself falling in love with that perfect warm glass of sweet caffeine, this might make you fall even farther, because making that perfect cup has just become so much easier.

A programmable electric tea kettle allows you to choose from a multitude of preset heat settings. Each setting is usually preferable for a different type of beverage or food.

Temperature Control

Having a preset temperature option will make your creation taste even better since the heat used was tailored to make that kind of drink/food taste best. This setting is also super convenient so that you don't have to guess which temperature works best for each thing manually.

A programmable electric tea kettle can also hold specified heat for up to 30 minutes. This is an extremely great feature because, usually, if you leave water in its kettle once it's done boiling it begins to cool. That means you have to act on your hot water quickly.

This setting allows you to keep that water warm for an extended time frame.

You don't have to interrupt what you're doing at the moment to go and prepare your beverage, especially if you don't have a short amount of time to run over there.

It is also convenient because you may want to use the water for multiple things, and keeping it warm for an extended time frame allows you to use the same water more than once, which keeps you from having to waste time boiling more pots and waste more water and electricity.


Different electric tea kettles are made out of different things. Some are made out of glass, ceramic, plastic, stainless steel, or aluminum.

Plastic kettles are often pretty, lightweight, easy to carry, and affordable. However, they can get damaged from the heat if left on their base too long.

Tea Kettle Made out of Ceramic

Glass is also a conventional kettle material. Glass kettles look and feel expensive—they are heavier and have a rustic feel to them. They do handle heat well, but they are breakable. They're great for fancy tea parties but aren't as practical on a day to day basis.

The most popular form of tea kettle is made out of stainless steel. That is because stainless steel is sturdy, affordable, strong, recyclable, and doesn't get as hot on the outside when heating up. This is the most common and best choice of electric tea kettle material.

So What’s The Difference?

Granted that regular tea kettles and electric tea kettles seem to follow one common goal, there is such a huge difference between the two of these appliances. And in a battle between both, the electric tea kettle would certainly come out on top.

First off, an electric tea kettle is so much more convenient. So many people miss breakfast or their morning cup of joe because they can’t find the time to prepare their meal in the morning.

With a regular tea kettle, water seems to take forever to boil, but an electric tea kettle operates much faster. A traditional tea kettle can take over 9 minutes to hit a boiling point, whereas an electric tea kettle takes way under 5 minutes to get going.

Boiling Water in Tea Kettle

In addition to operating faster, it is also easier to use. Most come with settings that can change how fast and how high your water boils. These preset setting will make your meal prep so much easier.

Electric tea kettles are also easier to clean, making them more sanitary. Stovetop tea kettles have smaller mouths to retain heat, so it's often challenging to get a sponge or cleaning tool in there. The mouths of electric tea kettles are wider, allowing you to clean the device thoroughly.

Electric tea kettles are also much more convenient because they’re mobile. You don’t have to waste time standing over the stove and waiting for your water to warm up with an electric stove kettle.

You can move the kettle to you. It certainly allows for multitasking and moving around. Cordless tea kettles make this job easier because they aren't even attached to the wall!

Secondly, electric tea kettles are so much safer for you and your home. With using a stove top tea kettle, you always run the risk of burning yourself. Fire is necessary for a stovetop kettle to work, and it can be hazardous if left unattended.

Hot Tea Kettle on a Gas Stove

Also, kettles on a stove top get hotter than electric ones. Picking one up with your bare hands can certainly burn you, and if it does happen to sting your palm, it can cause you to drop the kettle and burn other parts of your body. You'd be surprised as to how often this happens!

Electric tea kettles are also safer because they won’t be forgotten on. Sometimes people forget their stoves on when they fall asleep or are in a hurry. On the contrary, most electric tea kettles turn off on their own and won’t burn your house down if you forget to turn them off manually.

Stovetop tea kettles can explode. If left on heat for too long, the water will eventually boil out, and blow your tea kettle or start a fire. This doesn't happen with electric tea kettles!

In addition to safety, electric tea kettles are also much less annoying than stovetop tea kettles. For one, they don't make that awful whistling noise. And for two, they aren't as hard to look at. Most electric tea kettles are super sleek and modern, so even though they do take up some counter space, they look good while doing it.

Cool Design of Tea Kettles

Lastly, electric tea kettles are much more precise in regards to boiling water at a set temperature. They are engineered to work at different temperatures for varying tea and coffee varieties. Each drink performs best at a different temperature, and the fine-tuned temperature options of an electric tea kettle allow you to create your morning masterpiece with precision. Your stuff will taste better, trust me!


Since there are many different types of electric tea kettles available, there are also many different manufacturers to look into. Here is some info on the top manufacturers:


The manufacturers at Cuisinart are culinary prodigies. For decades, they have been creating some of the most reliable and famous culinary tools. This brand has received a plethora of awards that make them notable for their prestigious kitchen designs. If you’re looking for a sturdy, yet stylish, electric tea kettle, Cuisinart is a great brand to choose from.

Cousine Art Kettle

Cuisinart has some of the most modern and high-quality electric tea kettles. Most of their popularly marketed tea kettles are electric, cordless, and programmable. Some of their tea kettles even include a French press for coffee. These tea kettles come in a variety of colors and styles that are suitable for different people and different homes.


Bella Housewares have a variety of simple and functional electric tea kettles with extravagant designs. If you want to buy a gorgeous ceramic tea kettle than Bella is for you!

Most of Bella’s electric tea kettles are made of white ceramic, with beautiful and intricate multicolored detailing. These kettles are high quality and look super expensive, yet they're really affordable! They'll fit in really well with a stylish home and owner.


Breville electric tea kettles are known for getting the job done. They are super efficient, high-quality, and fast. They boast to be the brand that rapidly boils liters of water in a super quick amount of time.

Brevile Tea Kettle

These kettles are super precise, and the water cups may even have measurement lines inside.

These electric tea kettles are typically made from stainless steel. They are usually very modern, sleek, and contemporary. They are high functioning and great for someone who needs that cup of caffeine right on time!

Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach electric kettles are some of the most affordable on the market. They are sleek, inexpensive, and high functioning.

Hamilton Beach boasts to boil water faster than a microwave! Their devices are easy to use and simple. They are usually crafted from stainless steel and have a sleek, shiny appearance that blends in with other kitchen appliances.

This is truly a “bang for your buck” kind of item. If you’re on a budget but still want high quality, this is a great brand to look into.


KitchenAid is a super reputable brand that is well known for its kitchen products. Kitchen aid electric kettles are like no other! They are unique in shape and color. They come in an array of interesting bright colors, as well as more regular ones. They're sleek, rounded, and pretty to look at. They look like traditional kettles, but with more sass.

Kitchen Aid Kettle

Some Kitchenaid electric kettles have LED displays. Others have clear water windows. These kettles are designed with comfort in mind. Their shape and handles are created for the user’s comfort with a nonslip grip and heat protection.

Cleaning That Kettle

Sometimes people overlook the cleaning process of the electric kettle because its usage is so quick and easy. However, like any other kitchen device, an electric kettle should be cleaned regularly to keep the equipment maintained and functioning and its highest level possible.

If you don’t clean your electric tea kettle, some negative things can happen. Mineral deposits from the water boiling process can form inside the kettle, slowing down the heating process and making your tea kettle less accurate in its performance.

Tea kettles also form gunk when they aren’t cleaned properly. Kettle furring can linger inside your kettle and ruin its sleek appearance and feel. The kettle flakes can even fall into your beverage and settle, spoiling your perfect cup of hot beverage.

To avoid all of these frightening effects, it is best to clean your kettle regularly. Here are some steps to make sure your kettle stays in tip-top shape:

For an excellent squeaky clean, you can put white vinegar and water into your kettle. Make sure that you add in equal amounts and that they fill up half, or a little over half, of the entire kettle.

Vinegar to Get Rid of Limestone

Then, you can heat the solution up and wait for it to boil. Once it begins boiling, turn the kettle off and unplug your kettle or its base. After doing this, you will want to let the water and vinegar stay put in the container for about 20 minutes.

When the 20 minutes are done, spill the liquid out in your sink and proceed to rinse the kettle. You should probably give your electric tea kettle a few rinses to make sure that all the vinegar is gone.

After all these steps are done, take a dry cloth or some paper towel, and wipe the inside of your tea kettle until it is dry. Leave it out to air dry some more.

Once it is completely done drying, you can boil some water in the kettle and then pour it out, just to make sure no vinegar taste is left in the kettle. If a vinegar taste or smell lingers, a few boils will get it right out.

After completing this process, you will usually see all of the gunk and kettle furring gone! The kettle should be squeaky clean. In the case that there is some left, you may need a deeper clean. If you do end up needing this deeper clean, here’s what you can do:

Instead of putting equal amounts of water and vinegar, use quite a bit more vinegar than water while creating your cleaning solution. This will provide a way deeper clean. You also may need to leave this liquid in for much longer than you may think is necessary.

Instead of leaving it in for the previously suggested 20 minutes, try leaving it in for an hour or up to an entire 24 hours. This should get rid of everything for you!

There are some alternatives to this cleaning method if you despise vinegar. Some manufacturers also state, in their product manuals, that vinegar shouldn't be used to clean their particular product. If either one of these scenarios happens to be the case, there are some other things you can do.

One of them utilizes lemon. Lemon is known to be an excellent cleaner since its acidic properties help remove grime from surfaces. Like previously, you can fill your kettle with water.

However, in comparison to before, instead of vinegar you will be using lemon this time. Cut a lemon and squeeze all of the lemon juice into the water. Then slice the lemon and add the lemon slices into the mixture as well.

Like the last method, this water should also be boiled. After boiling, unplug the device and leave the device and mixture untouched for about an hour. When the hour is up, pour out the water and rinse. Take a little dab of baking soda, also known as cleaning, and spread it across the bottom. Use some cloth or paper towel to wipe it around and then take the kettle for another rinse.

Alternatively, to all of these methods, you can just take a tsp of baking soda and put it in water in the kettle. Boil like last time and rinse. Citric acid may work as well.

Baking Soda In tray

For the outside cleaning and in between cleanings, use regular dishwashing soap and a sponge. These more complex cleaning methods don't have to be employed during every wash but should occasionally be done. Between your deeper cleans it is okay to wash your electric tea kettle out with a good old sponge, soap, and water.

Remember to use a soft sponge so that you don’t scratch the glossy, shiny finish of your kettle! And if you want to add some shine, but some olive oil on some paper towel and rub it on the outside—as good as new!

The Next Step Is To Buy!

Electric tea kettles are better for you and will dramatically change your life and morning routines. All of this information will be super helpful in choosing the best electric tea kettle and maintaining its quality!

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